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Bob Young

On October 7th, the Canadian Football League announced Bob Young as the new owner/caretaker of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Mr. Young, who grew up in Hamilton, spent 14 years in the hardware leasing industry in Ontario prior to moving to the United States. In 1994 his work on open source software led to his co-founding Red Hat, a NASDAQ traded company. Today, he is serving as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, a digital publishing website.~

How big was the news that Bob Young was the new owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats? In the 48 hours after the announcement was made official on October 7th, Young agreed to at least 15 media interviews, ranging from national television and newspapers to a US internet wire service. He became so well-known in a short period of time that a young boy, approximately 10 years old, spotted Young outside Ivor Wynne Stadium and yelled out, "I know you! You're Bob!"

In a matter of days, one of the most popular sites on, was the one called "owner update," where Young kept fans appraised of all the activity surrounding the team. As Co-founder and formerly CEO and Chairman of Red Hat from 1993-2000, Bob was responsible for early success of Red Hat. Red Hat is credited with driving the global, industry-wide adoption of open source development practices.

A true open source visionary, Bob's efforts developing Red Hat into a household name have won him prestigious honors such as Business Week Magazine's "Top Entrepreneurs" for 1999. Bob graduated from the University of Toronto in 1976 prior to beginning his high tech career in the computer finance arena.

His 20 years of computer industry finance and marketing experience at the head of the two computer leasing companies he founded (from 1976 to 1993), combined with his innate marketing savvy contributed to Red Hat's success. His book, "Under the Radar", chronicles how Red Hat's open source strategy successfully won wide industry acceptance in a market previously dominated by proprietary binary-only systems.

In addition to Bob's chairmanship of Red Hat, in 1999 he founded The Center for the Public Domain, a non-profit foundation that supports the growth of a healthy and robust public domain of knowledge and the arts. Since its inception as a venture philanthropic enterprise, The Center for the Public Domain has contributed to the founding of several organizations that study, nurture and secure the health of the public domain through major gifts, grants and donations. These efforts have strengthened the public community of shared knowledge and culture across many sectors -- technology, law, medicine, academic research, education, media and the arts.

Bob is now actively leading his latest commercial venture, LuLu Inc., which is creating new and exciting ways of delivering more knowledge at lower cost to the American consumer. More information will be made available regarding LuLu Inc. in the near future. Visit for updates.

1976 Graduated University of Toronto.
1978-84 President, Hamilton Computer Rentals
1985-93 Founder and CEO, Vernon Leasing and Rentals.
1993-2000 Founder and CEO Red Hat, Inc.
1999-2002 Chairman, Center for the Public Domain (Non-Profit Foundation)
2002- Founder and CEO, Lulu Inc.
2003- Owner Hamilton Tiger Cats Football Club

Author: Under the Radar. Coriolis Books. 1999.

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