The Hamilton Tiger-Cats would like to express our deep gratitude to all those who have supported us, both on and off the field. As part of our commitment to the community, our Tiger-Cat mascots are ready to contribute to various community events in Hamilton and the surrounding area, adding a special touch to these occasions.

Appearances range in nature and generally last for one hour.

*Please note that submission of these forms does not guarantee an appearance.

Criteria: We highly recommend that appearances are used as an enhancement/incentive of an event and not viewed as an event itself. Preference is given to supporting and promoting healthy, active, and empowered youth within our community through youth football, health and wellness education, and social responsibility.

Availability: Mascots have limited availability during the CFL season. They are typically not available on game days.

Promoting Appearances: Any use of the Tiger-Cats name, logos, and trademarks, or any advertising that suggests the support or sponsorship of an event by the Ticats, must be approved by our head office. Before promoting a Ticats appearance, please consult the Community Partnerships Department for guidance on acceptable practices. This policy applies to all forms of advertising, including print, television, and radio promotion, to protect the integrity of our brand.

To guarantee a safe, convenient, and hassle-free visit, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats request the following:

  • A spacious room to be made available for TC or Stripes to change in/out of their gear. Bathrooms are not acceptable.

To request a mascot appearance, please fill out the following request form: